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You need a great sounding voice for your new, important project. One that is versatile enough for any type of read. Professional, caring, fun, energetic, sultry or friendly. A voice  who has decades of experience, writing AND voicing commercials. Someone who can talk to your audience, in a way that can relate. One that can pull off a great first person read. Someone who can sell cars AND “that little black dress”. Someone who can troubleshoot and turn your project around quickly. Listen to Susan’s demos. You’ve found her!

Susan Wright voice actor for Google
Susan Wright voice actor for Blue Shield
Susan Wright voice actor for Starbucks
Susan Wright voice actor for Verizon
Susan Wright voice actor for UC Davis
Susan Wright voice actor for Walmart
Susan Wright voice actor for Swarovski
Susan Wright voice actor for Nescafe
Susan Wright voice actor for Amazon
Susan Wright voice actor for McDonald's
Susan Wright voice actor for Citibank
Susan Wright voice actor for Minnesota Twins

Chris G., Creative Director, MagmaCreative, Inc.

Not only does Susan’s voice help tell our stories, but her ability to pivot and assist with conversational copywriting has helped make a stronger connection to the intended audience. We look forward to future projects with Susan.

Kelly C., Vice President, Logic Media

“At Logic Media we’ve been lucky enough to use Susan on many of our projects, whether big or small, and she has never let us down. Our National clients always compliment her friendly yet authoritative voice. She plays a major role in the success of many of the campaigns we run, and we are grateful to have found her almost 4 years ago.”

Steve Z., Retail Radio

“Susan provides our company with tremendous depth and versatility. Whether she is talking about Pharmacy Compounding, Salted Butterscotch Brownies, or the latest device from Samsung. Her ability to turnaround scripts in crunch time is invaluable, and her ability to take direction is second to none.”

Jeff B., Producer/Director

“Susan has been providing our clients with high-quality voice acting for over 20 years. She’s professional, reliable, and makes us look good.”

Voice Actor Susan Wright


Susan Wright is an American female voice actor living in Northern California. She has nearly 30 years of experience as a voice actor, along with a lengthy career in the media working in television and radio. That media experience gave her regular opportunities to voice commercials, promos, and narrations, long before becoming a full-time voice actor.

Susan has an intuitive way to tell stories and connect with an audience that’s relatable, timely and real. Her media experiences as a commercial production director, content creator, copywriter, radio personality and newscast director have ingrained a deep knowing when it comes to expert communication. This translates well in her full-time voice acting business where she specializes in TV and Radio Commercials, TV Narration, Corporate training videos and Live Announce/VOG. She has a list of long-time clients that she considers friends, and enjoys getting to know new clients so she can better understand how to communicate their message. She’s a consummate professional who can take direction very well and strives to make things easy for her clients.

Outside the booth, Susan is passionate about the planet, pets, nature, and growing her own food. She’s really in her element when her hands are in the dirt, or she’s photographing a beautiful flower or sunset. And if you book with Susan, her adopted dog Leo may be silently snoozing next to her professional booth as she records your script.


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